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We make homemade Ice Cream, Dairy-free Ice Cream, French Custard, and Sorbet.  We use fresh and real fruits and we develop the unique flavors and produce them in small batches.

Polar Puff Homemade Ice Cream offers Ice Cream scoops, Frozen Bliss, Creamy Layered Sorbet, Mini Pies, Cone Puffs, Churro Bowl, Ice Cream Shakes, Vegan Milkshakes, Smoothies, & Floats.



We just love ice cream!

Growing up as kids, we always loved ice cream.  Trying out different flavors and new varieties.  We want to have the best ice cream experience.  Providing the fresh and best ingredients you can have in an ice cream.  This makes the most incredible ice cream, and this is all homemade.  And now we share this to everyone.

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